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Easter Egg Race

ages 3-6


Dyed hard boiled eggs, large spoons, two baskets, at least two kids

Activity Detail

Color an even number of eggs; half should be one color, the other half should be another color. Place all the eggs of one color on the floor in a line at intervals of 12 inches. At the end of the line put a basket. Form a similar line, parallel to the first, with the remaining eggs. Two children play at one time; each child needs a large spoon. When told to go, each child spoons up his or her color of eggs, one at a time, and carries them to the basket at the end of the line. The one who succeeds in spooning up all his eggs first wins. If you have a large group of children, you can divide them into teams. The team that wins the race the most number of times is the big winner.


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