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Pin the Egg on the Bunny Rabbit

ages 2-6


A large sheet of butcher paper or post-it paper, construction paper, double-stick tape, blind fold.

Activity Detail

On a very large sheet of paper, draw a good-sized Easter bunny rabbit -- make sure that the rabbit is drawn in such a way that the paws are visible. Tape the rabbit onto the wall. Then, cut eggs out of different colored construction paper to represent Easter eggs. On the back of each egg, put a square of double stick tape. Blindfold the children in turn and give each an egg, which is to be pinned on the sheet, and right in the rabbit's paws, if possible. The child who gets his or her egg closest to the rabbit's paws wins the prize, but all of the eggs will look precious as they surround the rabbit.


Leanne said:

Great fun!

- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

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