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St. Patrick's Day Lucky Pasta Salad

ages 3-6


Pasta, Italian salad dressing, Parmesan cheese, green pepper, bowl, colander, knife

Activity Detail

Cook, drain, and rinse pasta with cold water -- spinach pasta makes this dish extra green. Then pour the cooked pasta into a large bowl. Help your child pour Italian dressing in, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese, and mix it all together. To avoid a mess, use a very large bowl, or if you have one with a lid, put the lid on and let your child shake it up. Cut off the top of the pepper and remove the seeds. Then cut thin crosswise slices across the pepper. Each slice looks like a 4 leaf clover. Cut straight pieces for stems. Serve pasta on plates or bowls and have your child arrange a pepper clover and stem on top of each pasta serving.


Yael said:

This is a fun idea, but I thought the directions were a bit tough to follow, especially for Moms who don't do much cooking. Adding measurements perhaps would make it clearer as well as better specifics regarding what sort of pasta. Are shapes a good choice? What kind of shapes? What size? Is it okay to use fresh pasta? How much dressing should be used for how much pasta? Someone who doesn't cook often would probably need more specifics.

- Posted on Apr 29, 2008

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