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St. Patrick's Day Party

ages 3-6


Jello, pudding mix, milk, jelly beans, Kool-Aid, cookies, frosting, sprinkles, rocks, decorations for the rocks, green paint.

Activity Detail

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, have a kid party in which everything is green! Serve green Jello, green pistachio pudding (or you can just put food coloring in vanilla pudding), green Kool-Aid or Powerade, and green jelly beans. Bake some shamrock shaped sugar cookies and then have the kids decorate them with green frosting and green sprinkles. For a fun activity, you can have the kids paint "blarney stones." Help your party guests to paint flat rocks green and then decorate the painted rocks either with faces or funny decorations. You can also add green tinsel for hair. You can also put on some Irish music and have them try to do an Irish dance.


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