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Peeling a Raw Egg

ages 4-6


Distilled white vinegar, a raw egg, a clear glass

Activity Detail

If your child fancies him or herself as a "scientist," try this simple experiment to see the effects of acid on a common everyday food item. Carefully place a raw egg inside a clear glass. Pour in enough white vinegar to cover the entire egg. Let it sit for a few days in a secure place. Eventually, the egg will become see-through. The acid in the vinegar literally peels the egg!


jennifersweckard said:

To make this experiment more fun, ask your child what they think will happen and how long they think it will take.

- Posted on Mar 28, 2008

annabell said:

I really like this!! My kids love to see experiments!

- Posted on Jul 31, 2008

MiniHipster said:

That's fantastic! I will try this tomorrow. I will also show them what a glass of coke does to a dirty coin... MiniHipster.com

- Posted on Jan 7, 2009

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