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Advanced Shaving Cream Snowmen

ages 3-6


Regular shaving cream, Elmer's liquid glue, dark-colored construction paper, plastic container, misc. decorations like raisins, buttons, and Cheerios

Activity Detail

This activity is a more advanced rendition of the "spray shaving cream on a table and let the kids create their own snowman" idea. For this version, first have the kids draw a snowman on dark-colored construction paper. Then combine 2 parts REGULAR (not menthol or gel) shaving cream with 1 part Elmer's liquid glue in a plastic container. Depending on how much mess you're prepared to deal with, have the kids swirl this mixture onto their snowman pictures with their hands, or use a spoon to spread it on. The thicker you spread it on the paper, the more of "3-dimensional effect" you will achieve. Let dry thoroughly. Then decorate accordingly with miscellaneous items like buttons, cheerios, raisins, or beads. These items will probably stick to the surface of the snowman on their own and you will not need anymore glue.


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