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Keep the Change

ages 4-6



Activity Detail

Here's an activity that will teach your child to count, add and be money savvy. Hand your child some pennies and ask him to count them. If he gets it correct, tell him he can keep the money in his piggy bank. Depending on the age and level of your child, you can use nickels, dimes and quarters. When you are introducing the value of each type of coin to your child, you can just give one coin and ask what the value is and let him keep it if he gets it correct. After a while, count the money in the piggy bank together and decide what to do with the money, like buying a small toy and saving the rest. You can even start a bank account for your child and watch the savings grow over time!


Bonnie said:

I would add the idea of giving to a charity too.

- Posted on Nov 20, 2008

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