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Coffee Filter Holiday Decorations

ages 3-6


White coffee filters (round, not cone-shaped); scissors; colored markers and a pencil for drawing an outline of your shape; glue; decorations like feathers, glitter, crystals, googly eyes, pom-pons etc.; colored cord, about 6 inches long

Activity Detail

Using a pencil, draw the outline of a holiday shape, like a star, dreidel, or tree, about 2 or so inches long, onto a white coffee filter. Cut out and fill in the shape with a colored marker. Coffee filters absorb ink very well, so the color will be especially vibrant. Then, once the ink is dry, decorate by gluing on glitter, crystals, small pom-pons, feathers, ribbon, bits of fabric, etc. etc. Paste a thin, colored cord (silver or gold are good choices), about 6 inches long, into a loop behind the top of the ornament. If you have a Christmas tree, hang from one of the branches, or hang on a door knob to add a festive touch to your home.


Brookyn said:

This activity is a festive way to get the kids excited about decking out the house for the holidays and can be adapted to create decorations for Channukah too and pretty much any other holiday.

- Posted on Jun 20, 2008

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