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Shaken Paintings

ages 2-4


White or light-colored 9 x 12 inch paper, empty clean Pringles can, 3-4 marbles, 3-4 assorted paint colors, spoon

Activity Detail

This art project is especially great for toddlers who love to shake and rattle things. Roll up a piece of white or light-colored paper and place inside a clean, empty Pringles can. Using a spoon if necessary, coat 3 or 4 marbles, one at a time into different colors of paint. Place them in the Pringles can as well. Let your toddler, shake, rattle, and roll the can, which will create a "painting." Take paper out of the can and let dry. Once dry, you can flatten it using books to weigh it down.


RandiArney said:

Another good idea is to use chopsticks. Just dip them in the paints and have a great time! My kids love this!!! -Randi

- Posted on Oct 19, 2008

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