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Making Party Hats

ages 3-6


Foam visors in assorted colors, decorations such as foam stickers, gems, and glitter, glue

Activity Detail

Making party hats is a fun activity if you're planning to be home with the kids for New Year's. Foam visors are your best bet for inexpensive, simple, unadorned hats in festive colors, and you can usually find them at craft stores. Once you have your hats, have the kids decorate them to make them look festive for the holiday. Glue on gold and silver glitter, colorful gems, and offer a selection of foam stickers. Now you're ready for a party!


Brookyn said:

My son and his friends made hats like these as an art project for one of his birthday parties and they all seemed to love the activity, so as far as wide appeal, this has it. Decorating foam hats may not be the most original idea, but making them for New Year's Eve is a fun twist.

- Posted on Jun 20, 2008

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