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Making a Small Menorah

ages 2-6


Rectangular piece of plain white tile, 9 small nuts, small pieces of decorative tile (like the kind to make mosaics), paint

Activity Detail

This is very cute and easy project for young kids to make at Hanukkah. Buy a small rectangular piece of white tile (about 8"-12" long x 3" wide). Have your child paint the tile. Once the tile is dry, glue a small piece of tile in the center to elevate the shamash (servant light) which will be used to light all the other candles. Then help your child glue 9 small nuts (as in nuts and bolts) to the tile. Glue 4 on the left side, one on the small tile for the shamash, and 4 on the right. Your child can then decorate the base tile with other small pieces of tile or leave it as is. When lighting the candles, you'll need to melt the bottoms a little bit and then place them on the nuts. Don't forget to light the center candle first and use that to light all the others.


jennifersweckard said:

This is a nice size for giving to friends or relatives as a gift from your child. It is also small enough that each child in a family could have their own. Very creative idea!

- Posted on May 23, 2008

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