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What's Different?

ages 3-6


Just the clothes on your back

Activity Detail

This a great game to play with a group. My daughter plays it at her preschool and it always gets everyone laughing, adults too! Have everyone sit in a circle. One person is chosen to leave the room (they'll need an adult to help). That person then changes as much as they can about their appearance - the zanier you make it the better. Untuck their shirt or turn it inside out, tie their sweater around their leg, put a sock on their hand, put a little girl's hair in a crazy-looking ponytail, etc. They then re-enter the room and stand in the middle of the circle while the rest of the group takes turns guessing what's different. When everything has been guessed, it's another child's turn.


Andrea said:

You can play this without a group too. Just leave the room, make some changes, and then have your child guess what you have done to change your appearance.

- Posted on Jun 14, 2007

amyanddaniel said:

What a cute game that teaches kids to be observant!

- Posted on Jun 25, 2007

Yael said:

My son loves the book "Wacky Wednesday," by Dr. Seuss in which a boy wakes up one morning to find everything out of place. Shoes are everywhere but on people's feet, birds are chasing cats etc. He loves trying to find the wacky things happening on each page so this activity appeals to his appreciation for "wackiness."

- Posted on Jun 27, 2007

Amy said:

This is a good rainy day activity for at home, too. My 3 year old loves it when things are done backwards like putting her pajama pants on her head. We both had fun and couldn't stop laughing.

- Posted on Jul 17, 2007

annabell said:

This sounds like a fun thing to do!

- Posted on Jul 23, 2007

jennifersweckard said:

This game is great practice at noticing details. If you are not around a group of people, it can also be done with just mom and child.

- Posted on Aug 20, 2007

- Posted on Sep 16, 2008

Nancy said:

Attention to detail.......the eyes of an artist.

- Posted on Jun 29, 2011

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