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Simple Scavenger Hunt

ages 1-5


Pen, index cards or paper, basket or pail

Activity Detail

This simple scavenger hunt can be done by children as young as 18 months and is a fun activity for a rainy day. Draw pictures of 2 common household items, such as a shoe and a book, on an index card or piece of paper and write the items' names next to them. Give the child the list and identify the items together. Then give her a basket or other container and ask her to collect the items on the list. When she has finished collecting them, ask her to put the items back where she found them. If your child enjoys the game, add items to the list or create a new list and play again. Preschoolers will enjoy playing with longer lists of more specific or harder to find items, such as a brown shoe, a Disney book, or something purple.


Maria said:

Little kids do like to look for things.

- Posted on Nov 26, 2007

Yael said:

I'm alway up for activities that don't involve any added expense and use things around the house so this is great as far as that's concerned. I can't really imagine an 18 month old quite grasping the concept though unless she had some "help" from an older sibling.

- Posted on Dec 26, 2007

beancuso said:

What a fun way to work on writing and pre-readings skills, critical thinking and memory!

- Posted on Dec 31, 2007

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