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Super Letter Hunt

ages 2-6


Paper and pen

Activity Detail

Play a hidden alphabet game with your child. Write each letter of your child's name on a separate piece of paper. Then hide the letters throughout your house and send your child on a letter treasure hunt. When she has found them, help her put the letters in order to spell her name. When she has mastered this, try it with other words. Another variation would be to write the whole alphabet on 26 pieces of paper and then have your child place them in order after finding them all.


cbejzak said:

Fun for kids who like hide and seek!

- Posted on Oct 29, 2007

Kakki said:

My daughter had so much fun playing this game that my older sons joined in. To make it interesting for them, I wrote words instead of letters - simple ones for my beginning reader; harder for my advanced reader - and had them create sentences.

- Posted on Oct 30, 2007

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