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Bored with Board Games?

ages 3-6


Any board game you have at home and perhaps a Spanish-English dictionary if you're not familiar with the Spanish terms you'll need.

Activity Detail

After you've played Candy Land or Chutes & Ladders for the 10th time in one day, mix it up a bit by playing them in Spanish (or another language). Games that use only colors or numbers work best to keep it simple for your child (and you!).


maia_starling said:

This is quite fun. My son is taking Hebrew, but I don't speak any Hebrew, so I learned the colors and numbers from a friend and we play CandyLand in Hebrew. He says both the color and the number.

- Posted on Jun 30, 2007

cbejzak said:

This is a great activity for kids that have started Spanish or another language in preschool.

- Posted on Jul 28, 2007

Amy said:

My daughter loved practicing her Spanish numbers and colors in such a fun way!

- Posted on Aug 30, 2007

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