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Crazy Centipede

ages 1-5


Colored paper, scissors, glue stick, marker, felt (optional), googly eyes (optional), and pipe cleaners (optional).

Activity Detail

Cut out circles of colored paper for your child and ask your child to stick them in a row on paper, with each circle overlapping slightly. Then draw eyes with a marker or glue on googly eyes from the craft store. For the finishing touches, add antennae and feet created from felt, paper, or pipe cleaners.


jennifersweckard said:

Perhaps you could ask your child to pick a certain color circle from a pile of various colors so as to work on learning colors as part of the project. You could also talk about where the eyes should go, etc, to learn parts of the face.

- Posted on Jun 20, 2007

amyanddaniel said:

This activity would go well with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

Leanne said:

Good for little ones!

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

You can use these same materials to create a whole garden of bugs -- ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflies, spiders. You name it!

- Posted on Mar 10, 2008

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