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Flower Hunt

ages 3-6


Construction paper, scissors, staples or yarn/hole punch, pictures of flowers

Activity Detail

Create a small booklet by folding several sheets of construction paper in half, and stapling or tying them together. Next, cut out pictures of several different types of flowers and paste them on the pages. Write the name of the flower on each page, or let your older child do this part on his own. Then, take your flower booklet with you to visit your local arboretum or community garden, and help your child find each type of flower. This activity is a fun and easy way to introduce a little botany into your child's growing store of knowledge.


skippdebsamuel said:

This is great for walks too!

- Posted on Apr 25, 2008

Brookyn said:

Nice activity. It's simple and most parents already have the materials at home. It can also be easily adapted to be, for instance, a book about zoo animals that a child can take to the zoo as a learning activity, or a book about fish to take to the aquarium.

- Posted on Aug 4, 2008

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