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  • Exploring the Bay Area's Best Parks

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    All playgrounds are fun, and every family has a go-to neighborhood playground their little one could play in day after day, at least until they're old enough to spend a day at a theme park. Luckily, there are a few playgrounds around the Bay Area tha... read more

  • Big Rocks for Little Rock Climbers

    Laure Latham - San Francisco

    Spiderman moves are in your future! If you have a young furniture climber at home, it's time to upgrade to the real world and test how well these tiny hands get a grip on sandstone. Of course, backyard jungle gyms with "rock" climbing walls are all s... read more

  • San Francisco from A to Z

    A Little Yumminess - San Francisco

    Explore both well-traveled corners and hidden gems with this kid-friendly A to Z guide to San Francisco. Along the way, help the kids assemble their own customized alphabet scrapbook to remember their favorite sights, sounds and tastes. Grab a ma... read more

Today's Activity

Easter Egg Race

Color an even number of eggs; half should be one color, the other half should be another color. Place all the eggs of one color on the floor in a line at intervals of 12 inches. At the end of the line put a basket. Form a similar line, parallel to the first, with the remaining eggs. Two children play at one time; each child needs a more

23 Mar

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