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  • Oh, Snap! The Best Spots to Photograph Kids in the Bay Area

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    One of the easiest ways to ensure a successful child photo session is to head outdoors. You'll be able to take advantage of that soft, flattering natural light, and your little ones will be more relaxed when they're free to run around, dance, or snug... read more

  • Parent-Child Classes and Activities

    A Little Yumminess - San Francisco

    Everyone is always so caught up with the daily routine of running around with the little ones that it is sometimes nice to take breather and try something different. Signing up for a parent-child class is a neat idea and is a fun way to check out a n... read more

  • Flag Spotting Around San Francisco

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    Children love seeing flags hoisted up on flagpoles. The sight of Old Glory fluttering in the breeze is enough to get them ooh-ing and ahh-ing and dancing along with the flag! You'll find plenty of American Flags and California state flags around the ... read more

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Dye Your Eggs Naturally

Easter is just around the corner and dying eggs can be a messy task. Here is a natural way to dye your eggs. 1. Boil in separate pots spinach, blackberries, onion skins, coffee bags, beets and carrots until the water is brightly colored. If you only have one saucepan make sure that you clean it thoroughly before you move on to more

17 Apr

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