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Ideas for this weekend

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    Penguin Feeding


    Meet Pierre, Howard, Ocio and the rest of ...

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    Kid's Play Night


    Meet lizards, frogs, snakes & tortoises an...

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    Planetarium Shows


    How did life on Earth begin? This tantaliz...

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    Swamp Talk


    Learn about some of the Academy’s most p...

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  • If You Only Have an Hour...

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    When it comes to kid-friendly museums, the San Francisco Bay Area is unrivaled in quantity, quality, and scope. Popular museums—such as the California Academy of Sciences, Chabot Space Center, Tech Museum of Innovation, and Children's Discovery M... read more

  • Sculptures, Dunes and Whirligigs: Unique Places for Spring Picnics

    A Little Yumminess - San Francisco

    Spring is in full swing and we're dusting off our picnic baskets. These unique picnic destinations combine beautiful Bay Area scenery and activities that the whole family will love. Inviting little ones to help prepare and pack the picnic adds to the... read more

  • Books, Reading Nooks and More in the Bay Area's Libraries

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    One of the easiest ways to inspire your child to read is to take her to the local library. Libraries provide books and programs for children as young as six months old, so it can be the starting point for a lifetime of learning. Almost all libraries ... read more

Today's Activity

Silly Rule Day

Change up your weekend routine by designating one day "Silly Rule Day." The idea is simple: make up a silly rule and do your best to enforce it all day. For example, "before leaving the room clap your hands 3 times," or "instead of saying thank you, say lollipop." The sillier the rule, the better. You can even write on a piece of more

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