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From the educational to the whimsical, our Savvy editors help you explore your world.

  • International Lunch Spots in San Francisco

    Stacie Dong - San Francisco

    These international spots offer great options to travel the world at lunchtime and the perfect opportunity to try a new cuisine or flavor. These five tasty, global lunch destinations specialize in small plates which are fun to share and great for int... read more

  • Underground Adventures

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    A couple of weeks ago, we flew like birds and explored some of the region's best places to get a great view. But Savvy parents know that children love being worms and moles just as much as they love being hawks and butterflies. For those who would r... read more

  • International Breakfast Spots in San Francisco

    Simran Singh - San Francisco

    We love the idea of exploring another country via its cuisine, and we are incredibly lucky in San Francisco that we can get a taste of the world without leaving the comfort of home. If you make a slight effort to seek it out, in San Francisco you can... read more

Today's Activity

Leaf Rubbings

This is an easy way to make an image of a leaf using a real leaf, a piece of paper, and a crayon (or crayons). Find a nice leaf -- whatever your child likes is fine, but big ones that aren't too fragile work best. Put the leaf on a flat surface, like a desk or counter-top, and cover it with a piece of paper. Let your child rub his more

30 Sep

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