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  • A Dinosaur Map of the Bay Area

    Laure Latham - San Francisco

    If your kids like to roar back in time with dinosaur books, they will love going hands on in the Bay Area. They won't ride the actual beasts of course—that would be Jurassic Park stuff—but they can explore Bay Area hangouts that celebrate... read more

  • Best-Loved Book Nooks

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    These days, independent bookstores are harder to find than a mix tape or a rotary dial phone, but fortunately for Bay Area residents, the stand-alone spirit lives with roughly 150 independent stores within a 50-mile radius of San Francisco. Bi... read more

  • After-School Walks with San Francisco Flavor

    A Little Yumminess - San Francisco

    Treat your kids (and yourself!) to a mini after-school adventure and a break in the routine. These four "quintessentially San Francisco" walks will remind you why it's great to live in the Bay Area: natural beauty, quirky charm, rich cultural his... read more

Today's Activity

Lollipop Valentines

1. From red construction paper, cut out a heart that's just larger than the lollipop and using glue stick, adhere it to the wrapper. 2. For the leaves, fold green paper in half and cut out a leaf shape, creating two-sided leaves. Leave the two sides attached at the fold. 3. Unfold the double leaf shape, coat the entire inside more

01 Feb

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