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  • Drop-In Crafting and DIY Classes for Kids

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    Crafting is a wonderful pastime for kids, being both entertaining and educational. Not only does it keep your little ones engaged, it also enhances fine motor skills, develops basic concepts such as colors and shapes, and introduces more advanced con... read more

  • Escape the Fog: Ten Places to Adventure During Foggy San Francisco Summers

    Stacie Dong - San Francisco

    Most San Franciscans would agree that no matter how much they love the city, the foggy summers are dreary. The hotter it is in every direction from Marin to the East Bay and the Peninsula, the cooler and grayer it seems to be in San Francisco. Luckil... read more

  • Shake Up Summer: Day Trips Around the Bay Area

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    Summer vacation is here, and the open road beckons! Heed the call of adventure and take your little explorers on a day trip to explore the Bay Area and its surroundings. We are lucky to have tons of day trip destinations no more than a few hours away... read more

Today's Activity

Nose-Ball Race

Grab your group of kids and line them up in two teams in the water on one side of the shallow end of the pool. One at a time, have them walk through the shallow water, pushing a floating plastic ball with their nose as they walk. The first team to have all members push the ball forwards and back across the pool is the winning team!

01 Aug

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