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  • Underground Adventures

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    A couple of weeks ago, we flew like birds and explored some of the region's best places to get a great view. But Savvy parents know that children love being worms and moles just as much as they love being hawks and butterflies. For those who would r... read more

  • International Breakfast Spots in San Francisco

    Simran Singh - San Francisco

    We love the idea of exploring another country via its cuisine, and we are incredibly lucky in San Francisco that we can get a taste of the world without leaving the comfort of home. If you make a slight effort to seek it out, in San Francisco you can... read more

  • A Bird's Eye View of the Bay Area

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    Look, up in the air... it's a bird... it's a plane... it's me!  Every child dreams of flying high in the sky, soaring through the clouds and looking down at the tiny people and places below.  While we can't give our child wings or a cape, we can ta... read more

Today's Activity

Leaf Collage

Create a collage of leaves to hang in the window. Cut two sheets of clear contact paper to desired size (a square 8' is good). Peel back paper to reveal sticky side of one sheet, and stick on leaves, moss, etc. of various sizes and colors. Then peel and place other sheet of contact paper over it, and you have a collage you can hang in a more

30 Sep

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