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  • Favorite French Patisseries in San Francisco

    A Little Yumminess - San Francisco

    When you're in the mood for a decadent pastry or a bit of ambiance à la française, there are lots of places to satisfy your craving without having to ever leave San Francisco. These five French patisseries are favorites for breakfast, lunch, or jus... read more

  • The Last Days of Summer in the Bay Area

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    The smell of pencil shavings may be overtaking the smell of suntan lotion, but summer isn't over yet, and by golly, we're determined to enjoy every moment of it while we still can. Here are five summer activities to add to your Must-Do List before pa... read more

  • Exploring Our Kids' Favorite Subjects

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    As parents and kids trade their sand pails for school books and face the upcoming school year, there's bound to be a few butterflies in everyone's stomach. The little ones wonder: Will I be wearing the right clothes? Will I get the seat right in fron... read more

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Floating Flat as a Pancake

We have been taking swimming lessons all summer, and one of the hardest skills to teach a tot is floating on the back. My little one loved this song and has enjoyed floating on her back ever since we learned it. We even sing it in the bathtub! It is to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot" and the lyrics are: I'm a little pancake on my more

02 Aug

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