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  • Halloween Hauntings in the Bay Area

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    Halloween is almost here, and it's time for all things scary. Older children, teenagers, and grown-ups love a good ghost story, but there's a good chance that little ghosts and ghouls in your party won't feel the same way. Keep the fun going for all ... read more

  • International Dinner Spots in San Francisco

    Simran Singh - San Francisco

    These international spots offer amazing dinner options for exploring the world through food with your kids in San Francisco. Some of these spots are open for lunch as well, but since these are more substantial meals, they work better for dinner. Thes... read more

  • The Bay Area's Best Pumpkin Patches

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    Have you sharpened those pumpkin saws and carving knives? Check. Have you designed just the right jack-o'-lantern face to strike fear into the hearts of all your neighbors? Double check. Do you have your grandmother's favorite pumpkin pie recipe read... read more

Today's Activity

Pumpkin Buckets

An adaptation of "Bozo Buckets." Line up plastic pumpkin buckets (found at grocery store or other Halloween supply store) in a straight line and have your child (or children) toss in small bean bags, starting with the bucket closest to them. See how many they can get in the buckets! You can keep score and give prizes, or play just for more

24 Oct

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