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  • After-School Activities for Bay Area Kids

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    Now that school is back in session, a Savvy parent's focus shifts from "How do I keep my child engaged during the day" to "How do I keep my child engaged after school?" Fortunately there are thousands of places around the Bay Area that offer after-sc... read more

  • Our Favorite Picture Books About San Francisco

    Stacie Dong - San Francisco

    For kids who live in and around San Francisco, it's always fun to open a book and see familiar pictures and favorite places. For little family members and friends who live far away, these stories make a great gift to share a bit of home and are also ... read more

  • Techie Kids

    Ana Picazo - San Francisco

    When it comes to high tech learning opportunities for kids, the San Francisco Bay Area is unrivaled in quantity, quality, and scope. After all, we're in the Silicon Valley, the leading tech hub in the world and the birthplace of too many high tech co... read more

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Crayon Games

While out and about, I always keep a bag of crayons in my purse for those moments in the day when like it or not, my kids are just forced to wait. When they tire of drawing and coloring pictures, we play crayon games (this is especially good for restaurants). Take a handful of used crayons of various sizes and spread them on a table. more

29 Aug

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